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Relationship lacking? Attract love you desire in fast-track program with strong foundation & support you need to get immediate results in your love life. Call today 949-682-9304.
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Are you feeling lonely and sad?
Ultimately, you know you can be alone. You just don’t want to be.
Are you ready to uncover what’s holding you back from feeling happy in a healthy relationship?

Read more about SERVICES here or call 949-682-9304

Today, you are tired of feeling betrayed, depressed or confused why your relationship is filled with conflict. Is this the person you want to build your life with?



You feel alone in the middle of the night.



You feel touch-deprived. You don’t receive the physical intimacy and sexual contact you want and need, not to mention the emotional intimacy you desire with the man of your dreams.



If you’ve been fighting for a long time or if you’ve had a recent breakup, I want to help you move from these painful, uncertain feelings to feeling known, understood, valued, and worthy of love.

Working with me, you’ll gain skills to change the direction of your relationship. You’ll wish you’d had this information sooner.


You know you want to feel happy again. You want to feel connected to something, to someone.



But if you keep staring at the computer screen, reading article after article, you’ll continue to feel empty and disconnected from the world.



Hope, help, and a different life are all available and waiting for you.



Imagine: you are happy and content sitting next to each other. Sometimes you catch him admiring you when you aren’t paying attention.



You love to hold hands when you walk side by side. Traveling together is a pleasure.



Communicating is easy. It’s not that you always agree. But you’ve learned to disagree with kindness, in a rational manner, rather than erupting all over each other with emotions.



Friends tell you your relationship is the one to emulate.



I can help you shift from fear or feeling stuck to guiding you through your pain. You will arrive at a place of understanding how to feel successful and at ease in the future.



Pain is necessary to initiate growth and change. Someone smart once said there’s the kind of pain that leads to more pain and there’s the kind of pain that’s unavoidable and that leads you out of pain.



Never waste a painful crisis by not making change happen.



I’m Dr. Sharon Cohen, Relationship and Love Consultant.



I will help you:

  • achieve healthy communication with simple techniques and tools to begin to neutralize or repair your relationship immediately
  • make every “discussion” meaningful, especially the painful ones, so that you learn lessons to move your self-growth and relationship forward
  • leave the past in the past so you can discover your center of power and feel liberated from the weight of time gone by
  • rediscover your self-worth so you are receptive and open to being cherished
  • discover how to love without losing yourself
  • and so much more…


Contact me today to learn more about how relationship consultation can get your love life moving on a new trajectory and change your life 949-682-9304.



We will have a 45-minute “LOVE SHIFT” phone consultation about your situation, figuring out the single biggest shift that is necessary for you to keep ever-lasting love. I can help with relationships in Newport Beach and offer dating advice in Orange County and beyond. I work with people out of state so don’t be shy about calling! No matter where you live, I am here to help you with your relationship issues.



It’s all about finding the right fit. If we aren’t right, we’ll talk about a better fit. I’ll point you in the right direction. I’m excited to connect with you and help you with your relationship in any way I can.