Love yourself first. Attract the right man. | Dr. Sharon Cohen
Are you a professional woman who is successful in work but failing in love? I can help you have a committed, stable, deeply loving relationship. Call today 949-682-9304.
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Because it happened for me.
It’s happened for my clients.
And I invite you into the process of it happening for you.



What is the cost of not receiving help?


Staying stuck exactly where you are.



Have recent world crises brought your loneliness into “hi-def?” Perhaps you’ve come face-to-face with the reality that the time and energy you put towards your career aren’t filling your need for emotional intimacy you desire with the high-quality man you’ve been hoping for. And let’s not forget the physical intimacy and sexual contact you want and need. Touch-deprivation is a real thing.



All the Zoom calls during the day don’t fill that cold spot next to you in the middle of the night and aren’t a companion on the weekends when you’re taking your dog for one more walk. 



If you’ve been alone for a long time or if you’ve had a recent breakup, I want to help you move from these painful, wanting feelings to feeling seen, known, and understood. You are SO worthy of love.

Working with me will change the trajectory of your love life.

You’ll wish you’d done this years ago.



Here’s how to get started:


  1. Schedule a Love Breakthrough appointment HERE
  2. In the appointment, we’ll go over the issue(s) you want to talk about and work to develop a plan.
  3. Together, we decide how many sessions to start off with.


What you’ll get:


  • Imagine that communicating is easy. It’s not that you always agree. But you’ve learned to disagree with kindness in a rational manner. It’s time to stop erupting all over each other with emotions.
  • We’ll dive into the yin/yang flow of energy that occurs within you and between two people in a relationship to maximize sexual sizzle.
  • You’ll learn to recognize Red, Yellow, and Green Flags so you don’t waste time on men who aren’t right for you.
  • Finally learn “the lesson,” so you can stop dating the same man over and over again.
  • Hope, help, and a different life are all available and waiting for you. Schedule a Love Breakthrough appointment now.



What we do together:



Shift from the fear, loneliness, or heartache you were feeling and allow yourself to be guided through your pain. You’ll arrive at a place of self-compassion. Self-care is a centerpiece of our work. You’ll feel a new sense of peace and will look forward to the future.


I’m Dr. Sharon Cohen, Relationship and Love Consultant.


Contact me now for your initial 20-minute Love Breakthrough appointment.



This entire session is tailored to you. I meet you where you’re at and we go from there. I look at our sessions as an unformed piece of clay, molded by whatever you communicate to me. The magic happens there. From our co-creative process, a unique and beautiful sculpture is birthed and evolves.



The main issues we usually cover surround struggles with connection, communication strategies, and understanding and enhancing the energetic flow between two people. However, the process of making change happen is adaptable to you and your needs.



I would be honored to work with you and support you in your transformation.



Schedule your Love Breakthrough phone session now.