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Are you a professional woman who is successful in work but failing in love? I can help you have a committed, stable, deeply loving relationship. Call today 949-682-9304.
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Attract someone special in your life

Attract someone special in your life

Do you WANT to attract someone special into your life?

I recently got back from Sandra Yancey’s eWomen Conference where I was surrounded by hundreds of strong, beautiful women.

It’s amazing to me how much time, energy, heart, and soul women put into their business – and yet at the end of the day turn to me and say “I really wish I had someone special in my life.”

When I ask how are they attracting men right now, what’s their strategy, what are they doing…it’s a wish and a prayer.

All their effort is going toward their work.


Work is important.

It’s what pays the bills and our luxuries.

It’s what feeds the kids and our pets.

It’s what buys our pretty shoes and vacations.

It’s what makes us feel good about what we are doing.

It fills us in so many ways.

And it doesn’t fill us in a certain way that only a man can.

How do I attract someone special?

For women who are very strategy-oriented with work, they sometimes think “it’ll just happen” when it comes to love.


We don’t like to fail.

It’s an area we may not feel as confident in, so we don’t move towards it. We want someone else to make it happen.

I had a client say to me “you’re the doctor. Just do something.”

I said to her “it’s as if you’re asking me to eat the right foods for you or lift the weights for you and you’ll end up with the perfect body. It doesn’t happen that way.”

She acknowledged that was what she was asking for, but she still wanted me to “do it for her.”

We discontinued working together.

I can’t do for you what you won’t do for yourself.

Are YOU ready to attract someone?

But if you are ready to learn ways to make a man want you, if you are ready to learn ways to communicate in a way that increases your sexual attractiveness, and if you are ready to learn ways to amplify your feminine potency, then YES! You are ready to attract someone special into your life.


  • if you are feeling touch-deprived,
  • if you are feeling love-deprived,
  • if you want some support around having love in your life,

I’m here to support you in that endeavor.

Stop listening to your girlfriends who tell you men are more trouble than they are worth.

Stop listening to your girlfriends who say “you don’t need a man to complete you.” (You never said you did!)

Stop listening to your girlfriends who say you are FINE on your own. (Of course, you are. You WANT a man in your life.)

Women, it’s time to stop shaming other women who want to be in a relationship and ask how you can support them instead.

We are MEANT to be in relationships.

We are meant to have a special witness to our lives.

Now is your time.

Seek and you shall find.

Call me and we will work it out together.

949.682.9304 or write to me at and we’ll schedule a complimentary 15-minute Love Breakthrough phone consultation.

What are you waiting for?

I’m here for you.

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