FAQs about relationships, dating, loneliness | Dr. Sharon Cohen
Dr. Sharon answers frequently asked questions about seeing her. Fears about feeling lonely; Online dating vs. Matchmaker; The difference between Relationship & Dating Consultant vs. Individual Psychotherapist; What can I expect and how fast?
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Can you help me with my feelings of embarrassment and shame about feeling so lonely?

Absolutely. You are not alone. In fact, loneliness is an epidemic right now. Believe it or not, it’s twice as deadly as obesity.


My job is to work with you to help alleviate your anxiety about being alone and bring you back into having relationships in your life.

Isn’t online dating or using a matchmaker enough to find my perfect mate?

Not really. With online dating and having a matchmaker, you may go on a lot of dates, but that doesn’t ensure your dates are going to be successful.


During our time together, we will specifically focus on improving your dating, relationship and communication skills so that each and every one of your dates is an opportunity for success.

What’s the difference between you and a therapist?

A therapist will often focus on their client’s inner life and past history. While I care about those things, my interests are more in the here and now and how to affect immediate change.


Working with me as your Relationship and Dating Consultant, you will learn about the social dynamics of men and women, how to communicate more clearly and how to decrease the drama in your life and other tools necessary to get you to where you want to be.

What can I expect from working with you?

Our work together will be very action-oriented and solution-oriented. I am passionate about helping you move through the process to achieve your goal. I love to see clients take their new knowledge and awareness into practice.

How soon can I expect to see change?

Many clients experience a sense of relief after the very first session. That feeling of relief is not the end, but the beginning of change.


Your progress is really dependent on your commitment to yourself and your openness to the process. I do my part in the office and help hold you accountable and create that space for on-going change. Your job is to work outside of the office implementing what you’ve learned so you reach your relationship goals quicker.