Is your purpose in alignment? - Dr. Sharon Cohen
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Is your purpose in alignment?

Is your purpose in alignment?

Sometimes we feel off and we don’t know why.

Maybe we think we aren’t eating right or getting enough sleep.

We’re procrastinating on something or aren’t doing exactly what we need to do to move the needle at work.

Or maybe it’s a bigger issue…not that each of those issues isn’t part of the whole, because they are.

And the biggest issue of all is are you ON PURPOSE?

Are you moving in ALIGNED ACTION?

Not in one area of your life, but in ALL areas of your life?

Are you walking on solid ground or are you wondering what your next step is?

Are you on purpose in your health and well-being, doing all you can to be your healthiest, most fit you that you can be? I’m not saying “are you training for a marathon?” But what are you doing to push yourself to keep your lungs healthy, to keep your liver healthy (read up on this a little bit), to keep your bones and muscles strong, and to keep your fascia flexible and released? I don’t think you want to age any earlier than you need to, so what can you do TODAY to be on purpose for that? ALIGNED ACTION. It’s all in the execution. All the tiny steps you take today will add up to a LOT of progress in a year or five.

Are you on purpose in your career and work-life? Same thing. It’s the little actions you take every day that make a BIG difference. Are you moving towards your big goals rather than just crossing off tasks and “to-do’s?” We ALL have full e-mail boxes every morning. Every successful person I’ve read says do NOT start with your emails. Those are other people’s agendas. Start with YOUR agenda. What do YOU need to get done? Bite off the biggest one first thing in the morning when you have maximum energy and enthusiasm and GET IT DONE. FOCUS. And if you get that one thing done – and it moves you towards your big goal, then you have done a lot. Celebrate that! It’s so much more than answering ten emails. You can still answer those emails at the end of the day when your energy is flagging.

Are you on purpose in your relationships – romantic or otherwise? Do you make time to spend quality time? Do you know what your significant partner’s Love Language is? What are your family members’ Love Languages? How do they receive love? Because if you love to give love by providing Acts of Service such as picking up the mail when your parents are out of town, but they don’t receive “Acts of Service” as love, then they can get USPS to hold their mail. If your parents prefer Quality Time as their way to receive love, a time where you all are together, no distractions, maybe sharing dinner or playing a game together would be a better way to give love.

Thinking of all of the areas in your life, so much can be done to be focused, be purposeful, and be in alignment so that you know you are being the best you that you can be.

Your life will look so different in just one year if you start taking steps right now.

I challenge you to start today.

What will your first step be?

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