Surprising advice from her boyfriend attracts other men | Dr. Sharon Cohen
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Surprising advice from her boyfriend attracts other men

Surprising advice from her boyfriend attracts other men

Talking to one of my clients the other day, I listened with interest when she told me her boyfriend made a request of her that had unintended consequences.

Some women are creatures of habit. We like what we like. We eat what makes us feel good. And we wear what we feel comfortable in.

While some women are comfortable in bright colors and florals, many women veer towards a staple color: classic black.

We feel confident in it. Black is a cool, sleek color. We believe it’s more forgiving and doesn’t show our flaws as much as brighter colors or patterns.

And it’s easy to match.

Let’s make our lives easy, yes?

The Boyfriend’s Advice

However, my client’s boyfriend requested she take a break from wearing so much black.

Of course, it’s up to her, but his preference is that she wear something lighter or brighter. He’d appreciate something different.

So one day, she wears “the pink sweater.”

And on this day, she happens to have meetings out for lunch and after work.

When we talk, she tells me she has a “pink sweater theory.”

I listen curiously.

Wearing a soft color such as pink may attract male suitors

“The Pink Sweater Effect” is that more men approach her when she’s wearing pink, not black.

They comment on how beautiful she looks and on how much they love her sweater.

Initially, she doesn’t make the connection.

But when she thinks about what is different today than any other day, the only difference is that she isn’t wearing her usual black “uniform.”

She’s wearing a soft pink sweater.

Does she feel different wearing pink?


Maybe she feels “softer,” more open, and that energy radiates out from her. The men then respond to that. That’s certainly a plausible theory.

We know from previous studies on how facial expressions affect the mood that for some people who get botox in their furrowed brow, they feel less angry, less tired, and less sad. They also are less likely to respond to sad or angry cues in the world. And that showing a sad or happy face to the world affects how we feel on the inside.

And so for she (or you) who decides to wear a pink fuzzy sweater, perhaps you’ll feel a little softer, more receptive, and a little less sharp or edgy.

And if that’s the case, you’ll be sending out completely different energy than you usually do.

It’s worth a try.

You never know who you’ll attract.


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