Do you want to get married? Here's some tips. | Dr. Sharon Cohen
If you want to get married, a couple important, not necessarily obvious, tips will help you. Call Dr. Sharon Cohen 949.682.9304 for her consulting services.
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Do you want to get married? The first thing to know…

Do you want to get married? The first thing to know…

If you want to get married, the first thing you need to know is YOURSELF.


And the KEY to knowing yourself is to know what you DON’T what. That may seem a little backward, that to know your self, you need to know what it is you don’t want vs. knowing what it is you do want.


The Law of Attraction, a popular new thought philosophy, contradicts this belief by promoting knowing what it is that you want and pulling things you want towards you.



However, if you’re always focusing on what it is that you want, you may not pay attention to the things that you don’t want.


Let’s say that while you’re dating, you concentrate on the fact that you want to get married to a guy who is fun, intelligent, and who makes good money. Those are your three non-negotiables – and you attract that to yourself.


Sounds good, right?


Under the radar


But what is it that you didn’t pay attention to while you were dating these suitors?


Maybe you didn’t see that a man who doesn’t make and keep agreements is not your man. A man who drinks more alcohol (or uses drugs) than you’re comfortable with is not your man. And a man whose lifestyle isn’t compatible with yours is not your man.


So while you were dating and paying attention to all the things that were important to you – that he’s intelligent, fun, and has a good job, all these other things that you didn’t want went under the radar. You were paying attention to all the things you wanted: the similarities, all the things that you thought were important in looking for a man who you want to get married to – and they are important, but not as important as the things you don’t want. The things you don’t want are the ones that will make you miserable in the long run.


So the key is to pay attention to the things you don’t want.


A big part of paying attention to the things you don’t want is to be in touch with your feelings.


When you’re in touch with your feelings, you know what doesn’t feel good and you push it away. You know your NO. You understand what you want to push away.


A lot of my clients are powerful women who have lost touch with their bodies and have no idea of what they want to push away. They end up keeping men who aren’t good for them. We work on getting them back in touch with their feelings and getting them to know their NO.


Get to know your “NO”


So it’s a three-fold process here.

  1. Get to know yourself and fully embracing who you are. Self-love is so important.
  2. Get to know what your body is feeling, so you can push away what doesn’t feel good, not only while you’re dating, but in life.
  3. Know what it is that you don’t want so you end up with the right guy.


And that’s the end result we’re all looking for…to not make a mistake. To end up with Mr. Right.


If you want to end up with your Mr. Right, give me a call. Let’s get you in your body so you know what feels right. When you feel good, you’ll radiate that out and attract the right man for you. Call me now.

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