Services - Dr. Sharon Cohen
Dr. Sharon provides individual relationship consultation, couples consultation, and life script analysis. She works out of her office in Newport Beach or can be worked with via Skype. Call for more information 949.682.9304.
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Do you have fun on dates but have a problem converting dates into a long term relationship? Or are you “over it?” Often that attitude is evident, whether you realize it or not. Whatever the obstacle, we will work through it. Doing so allows you to generate a shift to move forward and find your mate.

Women, what is holding you back from magnetizing the man you desire? Learn how to evidence your attraction to a man and how to keep him inspired to commit to a long-term relationship.

Men, do you have a hard time going after the woman you want? Are you in need of help with relationships and learning how to love a lady for the long-term? Do you have difficulty understanding the complex and mercurial nature of women? It’s time to BOOK your initial LOVE BREAKTHROUGH session.

Come see Dr. Sharon, Relationship & Dating Consultant in her office in Newport Beach, Orange County


The beginning of a relationship is often a confusing time. Have you ever sabotaged a perfectly good relationship with wonky thinking? If so, get support before you do it again. Working together, we will alleviate your negative thinking and actions. If you have been told you call or text too much or are too needy, your anxiety and insecurity are getting in the way of a healthy relationship. You have me as a partner to walk with you through these minefields. I will translate and mitigate what is going on. Together, we can move your new relationship into being the love of your life, if it’s meant to be. Stop what you are doing right now. Click here to BOOK your initial LOVE BREAKTHROUGH session.


Are in a relationship that is stalled or is spiraling?


You aren’t even sure when exactly it went wrong, but it’s been bad for awhile.


The two of you go back and forth between fighting all the time and stretches of the “silent treatment.” What happened to the love you used to share? You never saw the two of you as ever needing help with your relationship, or who would have major relationship issues or, for that matter, as one of those couples who would ever even consider divorce!


Yet here you are.


Having someone to help decipher what is going on and guide you to evaluate the situation more clearly is invaluable. You will gain insight to make conscious decisions. You’ll feel better as you learn to say what you think and feel in a rational, not emotional, manner. Rational communication ultimately benefits any relationship.


The lusty sexual chemistry that was once so strong can be reignited. Don’t wait any longer and let it get worse, to the point of breakup or divorce. Haven’t you already been feeling this bad for too long? Click here to BOOK your initial LOVE BREAKTHROUGH session.


Your Life Script develops out of covert and overt messages transmitted to you by influential figures in your life (parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, religious institutions, society, etc.). Decisions you made along the way were based on your perceptions of those messages. What was the best way to make sense of and survive in the world? What made sense then may not make sense now. Since your script developed outside conscious awareness, you may behave in particular ways and not be aware of what you are doing or why you are doing it.

Life Script Reading brings the unconscious to the conscious level. Become aware of what you are doing and the reason you are doing it. Make new decisions so you live in there here and now, rather than in the feelings of the past. Uncover the sources of your decisions and reality test the decisions you made as a child. We will co-create new decisions for you and your life, now as an adult.

Life Script Analysis is an amazing tool from Transactional Analysis. Fast forward your insight and awareness about who you are, where you are stuck, and how to affect immediate change to transform your life moving forward. Click here to BOOK to an initial BREAKTHROUGH session to see if you qualify for Life Script Analysis.