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Are you single, dating or in a new relationship & experiencing some fears or anxieties? I'll share secrets that will change you. Call now. 949.682.9304
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Dating Consultation



Where are you in the dating cycle? Have you been out of the dating pool for a while? Online dating and dating apps can feel very foreign if you haven’t done it yet. Are your fears and anxieties overwhelming you? Believe it or not, dating can be fun!


Or is dating fun for you? You have a good time while you’re out. But you don’t understand why you haven’t ended up in a long-term relationship in FOREVER.


Maybe you’re in the camp of ladies who are “over it.” Dating is a grind and YOU. ARE. DONE.


Whether you realize it or not, your attitude is evident. And maybe you THINK you don’t care, but deep down, there may be a teeny tiny part of you that still wants to have the companionship that a partner provides.


Whatever the obstacle, we’ll work through it. Doing so allows you to generate a shift to move forward and find your mate.


It’s time. BOOK an initial Love Breakthrough session. We will find out what is holding you back, move you out of the dating cycle and into a romance that is just right for you.

Dating can be fun or it can be a grind. It's all in perspective.


Making the transition from dating to starting the beginning of a relationship is often a confusing time. Have you ever ruined a perfectly good relationship with some messed-up thinking? If so, reach out before you do it again.


Working together, we will alleviate your negative habits, mindset, and actions.


If you have been told you call or text too much or are too needy, your anxiety and insecurity are getting in the way of a healthy relationship.


Have me as your partner to walk with through these minefields. You will have a translator and someone to help mitigate what’s going on.


Together, we can move your new relationship into being the love of your life, if it’s meant to be.

Finally not dating and in a relationship! You don't want to mess it up again. Get in touch with Dr. Sharon.

In a new relationship and don’t want to mess it up? Reach out before you do! Call me and we’ll work together – maybe this is your meant-to-be love!


Stop what you are doing right now. Click here to BOOK an initial Love Breakthrough session.


Let’s get this started.