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Are you going through a painful breakup? Or is your relationship in need of some serious support? Straight-forward, truth-telling guidance from trusted advisor Dr. Sharon Cohen.
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Breakup or Couples Consultation


Breakups are painful.


When you’ve been one of the “couples” for a long time, a breakup feels like a punch to the gut. The wind gets taken out of you. You can’t breathe. You can’t sleep. Anxiety overwhelms you. Anger seeps in. Feelings swirl around you. You can’t imagine ever dating again.


Then you get the biggest sucker punch of all.


You hear your ex is already dating someone new.


Argh! You know you need to move on. You want to move on. But sadness, grief, confusion, and continuous questions about why, why, why overtake your mind.


What happened?


I want to help you move through this transitional time. Walking together, our goal is to have a greater understanding of you: how you love and what you look for in love; with clear eyes, what you had and didn’t have in your past relationship; and what you don’t want and what you do want in future relationships


Take time for you to heal with help. You are worthy of great love and so much more. Click here to book an initial Love Breakthrough Discovery appointment.


Couples fighting need help before they are headed for divorce. Stats show that couples don't seek help for 6 years. Too much animosity has built up by then. Get help now.

Couples in conflict need immediate help. Dr. Sharon offers relationship consultation to help with communication breakdowns, frustrations, and to finally understand what the other person is thinking or feeling.

Are in a relationship that is stalled or is spiraling?


You aren’t even sure when exactly it went wrong, but it’s been bad for a while.


The two of you go back and forth between fighting all the time and stretches of the “silent treatment.” What happened to the love you used to share? You never saw the two of you as ever needing help with your relationship, or who would have major relationship issues or, for that matter, as one of those couples who would ever even consider divorce!


Yet here you are.


Having someone to help decipher what is going on and guide you to evaluate the situation more clearly is invaluable. Most importantly, you’ll gain insight to make conscious decisions. And, you’ll feel better as you learn to say what you think and feel in a rational, not emotional, manner. In short, rational communication ultimately benefits any relationship.


In addition, the lusty sexual chemistry that was once so strong can be reignited. Don’t wait any longer and let it get worse to the point of breakup or divorce.


Haven’t you already been feeling this bad for too long? Click here to book an initial Love Breakthrough session.

Couples getting back together

Couples getting back together