Dr. Sharon Cohen | Office in Newport Beach, Orange County; Or work via Skype
Too busy or too far to come to my Newport Beach office for relationship or dating advice? We can work together via Skype! Call today for a consultation 949.682.9304.
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Where I Work



Did you ever think you’d be looking at a website for love, relationship or dating consultation? Are you wondering how you got to this place?


You never saw yourself as someone who would have problems with dating or who would need love or relationship advice.


Yet here you are.


Working together in my office, we will talk about what’s going on in your love life. What’s working? What’s not?


Our sessions will include education:

  • to increase your understanding of the dynamics of your relationship(s),
  • to improve your communication skills, and
  • to obtain a better awareness of what’s possibly going on in your body and brain that’s impacting your reactions.


You will learn tools, have accountability, and the opportunity to elicit change immediately. It’s all possible and within your reach!


If you are in Newport Beach or the surrounding Orange County area and want to work with me in person, call me now at 949-682-9304. Do it. It’s for you and your future.

Serene & beautiful office courtyard. Online counseling offered, too.


Not local?


Working remotely over the phone or via video call is an efficient and effective option. If you are not in Newport Beach or the surrounding Orange County area, working remotely is appropriate if you are feeling disconnected or having feelings of loneliness, if you are seeking expert relationship advice, help with online dating, and if you ultimately want a healthy relationship.


Also, if you don’t have time to come to the office, you’re a busy professional or you travel a lot, working remotely avoids transportation and travel difficulties and time constraints are minimized. Clients tell me the ability to debrief dating situations or other sticky circumstances helps them feel more hopeful and in control.


Relationship or dating consultation over the phone or via video call is convenient and an efficient opportunity to enhance your communication and dating skills, discuss what is going on in your love life, your options, and actions for change. Pick up the phone now and call 949-682-9304 to schedule an initial 15-minute insight phone call to see if the remote option is right for you.


Did you know that Steve Jobs was known for taking walking meetings? He was not alone in his belief that movement helped problem-solving creativity, out-of-box thinking, and keeping us healthy.


Further, the extra blood flow to the brain often allows us to communicate something that may initially feel stuck. Much of what I talk about, specifically for women, is getting reconnected to your body. While there are a number of ways to reconnect, actually moving your body is so important.


So taking “walk and talk” meetings where we select a nice place to meet, dressing appropriately in comfortable clothes, help you get your feelings out easier, can increase energy and focus while decreasing stress.


If this sounds appealing to you, walk and talk meetings are a pleasant way to enhance your love and relationship skills, discuss what’s going on in your dating life, debrief any conversations you’ve had and what changes to make moving forward. Pick up the phone now and call 949-682-9304 to schedule an initial 15-minute insight phone call if you’re thinking about dating consultation or needing a relationship rehaul to see if walk and talks are right for you. I’d love to take the journey with you.